Do you find that you are stuck in your job, career, relationship or maybe it’s something you want to change for yourself? I work with a variety of people from age, culture, sexuality and gender. Confidence, growth and existentialism are the main topics I focus on. I a range of techniques that I have learned throughout being trained as a coach and an energy healer. I use my intuition and knowledge of energy to help people further along their path.

I see people as a puzzle, and I see the potential they have. They are searching to piece together the big picture. It can be difficult when trying to figure out where to start or where each piece fits. That is where I come in. I show you the actions, habits and beliefs that you might not notice. I’ll offer you a safe space to express yourself, and I’ll ask you some tough questions to help you move forward. I want to assist you in seeing the final pieces connected in harmony.

I usually do sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis. The sessions last between 1-2 hours. I am a goal and challenge oriented coach. I like to get to know my client so I am able to know him/her and how he/she works.


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