Living Peacefully is a councelling and life-coaching practice owned by Gordana Stankovic.

My approach is an integration of:
– Humanistic Counselling (also known as Person-centered or Rogerian counselling ),which puts a client at the centre of the counselling process. Hence the client leads the process while the counsellor facilitates it by offering, acceptance, empathy and genuineness, whereby creating safe environment for the clients to open up, to explore their issues and to draw on their own resources to solve the difficulties they are having;
– Principles of Nonviolent Communication, which offers practical and powerful skills for compassionate giving and receiving, helping to create deep, meaningful relationships and transform (potential) conflicts into peaceful dialogues.This process of communication was developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. For more information see

What issues can I help you with?

– relationships, marriage and family issues
– work related issues and career decisions
– communication skills
– dealing with loss and grieving process
– stress and anxiety
– low self-esteem
– difficulty with adjusting to life in a new enviroment (e.g. workplace, country, culture, etc.)
– feeling of unhappiness and/or dissatisfaction – with your life, as well as lack of direction and meaning
– accompanying clients on their journeys into depths of themselves assisting them with discovery of their full potential.

What do I offer?

– Counselling for individuals and couples
– Relationship workshops and coaching retreats for couples
– Communication coaching
– Conflict mediation
– Communication workshops


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