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All great leadership starts from the inside out. Turning on that inner light of understanding opens up new perspectives and shifts behaviors that hold you back to new habits that propel you forward. The Lumen Coaching and Consulting team are dedicated to partnering with high-performing leaders and teams to assess competencies and close gaps in order to improve their organizational impact.

INDIVIDUALS Many times, high-performing female leaders reach a point in their careers when things aren’t working the way they used to. Through individual coaching and workshops, we help these women go from an other-directed career path to proactively managing their own success. The Lumen discovery process brings to light your own agenda and how to achieve it. Moving through Awareness > Action > Outcomes, we discover your unique brand, how to use your strengths, build your competencies, align your values, and live your purpose for continued success.

ORGANIZATIONS Leadership isn’t a position. It’s an attitude. Every generation’s approach to leadership is different and these differences are showing up as competency gaps and misalignment across these generations. Lumen Coaching and Consulting can help emerging leaders and established leaders close those gaps to achieve positive organizational outcomes through process changes and understanding behavioral dynamics.

Contact Ann Rindone at AnnRindone@LumenCoaching.com to learn more about the Lumen approach to reigniting individual performance for organizational success.


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