I am a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and fellow life traveler.

Seeing possibilities where others see roadblocks is my thing. Gratitude is my tool. Wholehearted self-acceptance is my quest.

My clients, readers and audiences discover how to make someday today. Using practical tools I first help you bring your best life into sharp focus and then I help you achieve it.

Whether that elusive thing is fulfilling work, more play, family, relationships, living your dreams or figuring them out, together we take your life from blah to hurrah.

Seeing possibilities where others see obstacles led me around the world on a year-long journey with my two children and husband. Seeing possibilities led me to write a best selling book. And seeing possibilities leads me to wonder what makes your soul sing. Seeing possibilities is how I am able to illuminate the paths (even the obscured ones) available to you on your journey.


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