I am a Mindset Strategist and Life Coach based in the UK,    I am an avid believer that the state of our mindset determines the quality of our life, there is no such thing as unresourceful people only unresourceful states.  We have everything within us that we need to succeed, only sometimes we get in our own way through negative thought patterns, disempowering beliefs and unhelpful behaviours.  Regardless of the outer success that we display when at work or in business, if we don’t have a holistic approach to success then we won’t meet our true potential.

My focus is on your personal growth to help you cultivate a mindset which enables you to manage your relationship with yourself and others to achieve your potential.  I have over 8 years worth of coaching experience and founded Akeila Browne Coaching to provide professional Life and mindset coaching to entrepreneurs, small business owners and those aspiring to run a business to step into a larger vision of their lives.  Fear, lack of supportive beliefs, unsupportive environments, a break down in communication and a fixed mindset can cause us to not achieve what we want in our personal lives which ultimately leaks into our work lives.

The areas of growth that I focus on are:

·         Creating resourceful states and mindsets

·         Exploring values, authenticity and identity

·         Understanding limiting beliefs and how to create empowering belief systems

·         Challenging perspectives and assumptions to create a deeper awareness of self and others

·         Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

·         Improving work life balance and well being

·         Building effective relationships life/work/leaders

·         Managing stress and overwhelm

·         Challenging fear

·         Enhancing personal impact and presence

·         Developing a growth mindset


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