Brian Chivumo, is an Internet Marketing Expert and a leading authority in his domain on the topics of strategies for raising capital without going to the bank and internet marketing. He is a Seminar leader, content creator, online thought leader, wealth coach, chartered management consultant and founder of Global Coaching Academy.

Global Coaching Academy (GCA) is a leading international Business coaching organisation with a diverse cadre of professional coaching experts, setting the agenda for entrepreneurs, leaders and influencing government policy on entrepreneurial developmental programmes. We are a capacity building and mentorship academy with a vision to help individuals find their purpose, ignite their dreams and help them monetize their skills, dreams and ideas with or without any capital down. We believe that knowledge is the new money in the new economy; therefore all you need is crack the success code.

Brian has invested more than 10 years consulting to the most accomplished organizations, celebrities and business leaders internationally using unprecedented international marketing platforms to reach his clients globally.


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