My name is Kavita J Patel and I am a relationship, love, and dating coach. Through my program The Parent Work™, I help my clients transform relationships with their families and partners. I created the program after years of research and deep study of Eastern philosophy. The program is based on the premise that a person’s relationship with their partners, kids, physical bodies, and even money is affected by the relationship they had with their parents or childhood caretakers. I help my clients experience Soul Level Love through my transformative techniques. These techniques can help break years of painful patterns that can keep people in a cycle of rut without love. After spending eight years in corporate America, I finally decided to follow my life’s purpose and embark on my own entrepreneurial journey. I now use my own personal experience in overcoming love blocks to help countless others. I have helped thousands of clients worldwide to clear love blocks and experience more profound soulful relationships that can last a lifetime. My work involves focusing on my clients’ specific patterns to help them develop into confident people who can attract and sustain the love that they desire. My unique approach helps people not only transform their love lives but also invite more abundance into their lives. My relationship programs help my clients to create more of what they desire. To know more, visit &

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