I am a life coach and partner in Twin Life Coaching.

I assist my clients with their personal/professional challenges in a supportive, non-discriminatory manner in order to put balance back into their life, set goals, and deal with everyday worries

As a life coach I aim to empower my clients to achieve their goals. I work to help my clients with their challenges, struggles and assist with goals they wish to pursue in their personal lives (such as with their children, relationships, family, supporting family with aging issues are developmental disabilities), as well as work lives (looking for a new career, struggles with co-workers or employer, performance/presenting skills building etc).

Some techniques I use include: goal setting, providing resources, basic counselling,  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, relaxation and breathing techniques and coaching skills.

My background includes a degree from the University of Waterloo in Psychology and a Advanced Life Skills Coaching diploma through Stonebridge College. I have taken numerous courses and classes to further my background as well outside of these two educational opportunities…

I have  assisted many with providing the supports and resources needed to find the success they are looking for. My background both personally and professionally has been extremely valuable in pursing my current career path and provides me with the confidence to provide you with the life coaching, counselling, and support you need.


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