With about 15 years of business experience as a sales and marketing leader at several FMCG companies, I led several teams at different levels. I believe that living the life that we want is valid in every area of our lives and is not a product of circumstances but is the product of our authenticity.

As those who want to have an impact, we all are creators of our lives. And, we can be better at living when we recognise and embrace our deepest strengths and learn how to bring that authentic power of self-expression into all areas of our lives.

Knowing these, I specialised in coaching.

I am currently working as a potential and personal development coach with individuals. In addition to coaching, I also run a digital publishing company specialised on personal development e-books.

I have a BA degree of International Trade from Bogazici University, Istanbul and MSc International Economics and Business from Groningen University, NL.

Having the life purpose of “inspiring people to create and live their dreams”, I have a high level of passion and energy for personal realisation.

I practice yoga and meditation. And I like adventure sports in general. I strongly believe that individuals’ authenticity and intuition should be nurtured for them to live a fulfilling life and live their truest nature.


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