I am dedicated to offering solutions that help clients achieve both personal and professional success.

My name is Melissa, I am a professional life, career & executive coach. I am seasoned with over 10 years of experience. As a former senior-level executive, I have been blessed with such an elite and diverse group of clients that span all over the globe and I am proudly certified through Raven.
Whether in a life or a career transition, our customized coaching services provide the guidance, support and skills needed to reach your goals.
My focus is to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

My coaching style is direct, positive, intuitive, spiritual and empathetic at once. My assistance will help you to identify your next steps and the best direction forward. I have been told that just in the first session, people have felt a sense of focus and clarity in themselves. If you are willing to make the commitment to yourself, the greater and faster you will realize your goals.Our coaching relationship will help you remain accountable and move forward toward success, together. A truly dynamic team!

Our Coaching Services Include:

All new clients receive a free DiSC Assessment and workbook.
Our two most common coaching programs are life coaching and career coaching.

Career coaching is more than just a resume; it includes a unique approach to proving that you are all the great things that your resume says you are and ensuring that you are prepared for job search, interviewing skills and the transition into a new career. No more black hole applicant pools; we make sure you stand out from the masses. We tell your story!

Life coaching is about taking you and/or your business from where you are; to where you want to be! Developing positive habits, improving relationships, reducing and managing stress and anxiety. Living optimally and creating a well-balanced situation for yourself. We show you how to complete the inner work, which is just as important as the outer work. Loving yourself is a solid foundation that allows you to build around to create a great life.

* Life Coaching/Transformational Coaching/Developing Positive Habits
* Personality Coaching/Relationships/Dating/Overcoming Anxiety
* Regaining your personal power and overall sense of peace
* Personality Profiles and Assessments
* Health and Wellness Coaching

* Expert Resume/Career Coaching featuring the “Hire Me Resume”
* Executive Coaching
* DiSC Expert Assessment/Leadership Development
* Business Consulting/Planning/Turn Around
* Creation of a company culture and mission statements
* Communication Styles
* Team Development and Effectiveness
* Emotional Intelligence Coaching
* Personal Presence and Leadership Charisma

* Superstar to Supervisor Transitioning
* On-boarding with a new Employer

We offer a free phone consultation to identify if we would be a good match to be working together. Please contact us to schedule a call.

One of my most favorite quotes is “What we think about; we bring about”.


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