Real Estate Investing, negotiations and loss mitigation are the areas I have developed over 2 decades since earning my BA in Communications, Arts & Science from USC and a Juris Doctor.

For the last 12 years my focus has centered in loss mitigation for consumers, banks and investors. In 2003, I became a full real estate investor and managed a private real estate investment company. Next was the launch of The Money Game, a real estate negotiation training company. The most popular class was called The Legal Pitfalls of Pre-foreclosure Investing. When the real estate market changed in 2008, I consulted with law firms as a real estate practice management consultant on best practices. Later, I rounded out my experience by working with major banks such as Chase and Bank of America.

Now I facilitate a group of 50 female real estate investors and founder of P.I.N.K. Portfolio Mastermind for creating passive income through real property or note buying and host a weekly conference call – Goal setting and Business Planning for Real Estate Entrepreneurs.


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