Stuck staring at a computer screen when you know you’re capable of contributing so much more? ■ I help get you out of your box so you can create a career that will change your world.

My name is Tiffany A. Dedeaux, and I’m a Sacred Time Career Coach. As a worker bee, there is a lot to do. Together we’ll uncover what gets you buzzing with passion so you can find work that makes life a little sweeter.

If you want to:
■ Find your way of contributing to the community
■ Explore and express your unique talents
■ Get excited about going to work
then I’m the coach for you!

What sets me apart as a Coach is my talent for connecting ideas that show up in your work so you can see your bigger picture and pinpoint what’s next. Time in nature helps you feel more alive and think 20-50% more clearly, so I will also help connect you to your inner wisdom through nature and story.

We will bring nature into our Coaching work through:
■ Outdoor experiences
■ Creative metaphors
■ Meaningful stories

Sacred Time is about setting aside time each day, week, or season for nature-driven Divine Inspiration. With me as your guide, you will discover the path that is right for you and:

■ Make sense of your past
■ Create purpose for your present
■ Get excited about your future!

So let me help you weed out the distractions, uproot the expectations of others, and kindle the fire inside by connecting with what you truly want.

Make yourself a priority and request a free consultation with me today!


Tiffany A. Dedeaux, MA, ACC
Career Coach │ Trainer │ Associate Certified Coach

US Office +1 (360) 303-1312
Empowering you to work outside the box


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