Sam is a creative, high energy, “think out of the box” professional development, recovery, and career strategist. Mr. Led prides himself being a client centered,
(no-nonsense) results oriented synergist.

Mr. Led works hard for driven professionals to help overcome obstacles in their professional and personal life.

As an integrative recovery and professional development strategist Sam loves helping business owners, corporate executives, retired professionals experiencing personal challenges in their life (i.e.: addiction, loss of a loved one, divorce) map out manageable next steps to get you back on track.

Trauma creates circumstances in life you don’t choose. Healing is about embracing positive change you do choose. Sam will help you get back on track.

Mr. Led has been active in the health and wellness world for over 15 years.
Sam obtained a graduate degree in conflict studies from Nova Southeastern University and is also a certified light therapy and Reiki practitioner.


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