Are you ready to Skyrocket to a business and life you love?

Do you want more freedom, time, happiness, and prosperity?

Would you like to pursue your passion with purpose?

Would you like a flourishing system where you have

It’s possible , even if you don’t feel it is just now.


  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring
  • Online Workshops and Courses
  • The Exceptional Life Signature Program
  • Lifestyle and Business Strategy Consulting
  • Happiness and Success Retreats
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Jackie Ruka, America’s Happyologist ™ and Certified Action Success Coach, skyrockets CEOs, Leaders, and Women in Business, on how to consciously live stress-free by creating positive mindful systems to launch a life and business you love.

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Well- Being and Business Development trainer, Certified Action Success Coach (affiliated with Harvard University and Medical School). Jackie is disrupting the “stress to reach success” work and life mindset and shifting to improved well-being, positive habits, balance, purpose, and fulfillment. This results in greater productivity and abundance in life and business.

Before founding her science-based Get Happy movement, Jackie has been an award winning marketing and sales pro launching $100m to $2B brands for Fortune 100/500 companies. As a trained psychotherapist, she has been quoted in WSJ, Yahoo Finance and the Daily Worth, for her knowledge with assisting clients in business, overcoming limiting beliefs, and leadership toward creating positive, lasting change in the lives of professionals and business leaders.

Jackie’s book, “ Get Happy and Create a Kick- Butt Life”, became an instant best-seller ! She offers weekly Facebook live trainings for her Facebook followers 100% free! And she leads workshops and offers motivational talks to create a positive mindset that matters, to reach your ultimate potential in business, happiness, health, productivity, fulfillment, creativity and relationships. (engagement)

To learn more about Jackie visit her, online at Facebook, Twitter or grab a copy of her best-selling book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!


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