How much do you want to break through the barriers keeping you away from joy? With my Tools to Blast Through Barriers, there is no reason to live another day without the happiness you deserve. Webinars on blasting through barriers to health, career success, life dilemmas. Special programs for everything from weight loss and stress relief, to creativity and leadership. Victoria Leo, with two master’s degrees and multiple specialty certifications, can craft a custom program to laser-focus on exactly what needs blasting away, in the shortest amount of time – and without amping up your costs with inflated fear-hyping. Our satisfied customers aren’t just OK-satisfied – they are living transformed lives, on new life trajectories in small and large ways. Soaring Dragon tools include clinical hypnotherapy for blasting away big boulders and breaking up habits, reiki energy healing for anxiety and lack of clarity, Karuna reiki for deep traumas, health coaching for setting up a new, healthy lifestyle, published books to support your journey and LOWER your costs, and life, career and other specialty coaching to address other barriers to a full and satisfying life. You deserve it – give yourself the gift of freedom from what is oppressing you!

Seminars and workshops for creativity, spiritual growth, sales success, leadership development. Dynamic, witty speaker for keynotes, conferences and groups.


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