We all have busy lives and put things on hold so that we can concentrate on paying the bills or getting ahead. But what about some of the things that can truly make us happy?
I offer independent, solutions-based coaching which will empower you to provide your own answers.

Whether you’re looking to change direction in your career, aiming to fit into that little black dress or get your business back in shape, you may just need a life coach to help get you on track, decide what stages are involved and to encourage you to achieve each step until you succeed.

As a recruiter for 2 major international companies over the last 16 years, I can explain how to navigate the choppy waters of application forms, CV writing, interview preparation & performance and beyond.

As your business coach I can be a support for you to talk through your thoughts, theories and ideas. I can help you to look at your business, and how you run it, in a different way, a way that will enable you to step back and see it objectively. This means that you can think, plan and operate with more clarity. It’s your business and you know it best, I’ll help you recapture what it was that inspired you to begin it.

It’s time you treated yourself to fulfilling your true potential. It’ll be like getting a free upgrade to First – and who wouldn’t want that…?


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