Strategic Midlife Transformational Coaching (SMTC) partners with those going through midlife. This partnership helps individuals reach a state of illumination to understand that life can still be enjoyed and just because you are in one stage does not mean that life is over. I take my clients thru a series of exercises and discussions that will open their minds to new ideas and opportunities.

Yes life can be challenges, but with the right strategy it can be conquered. Midlife is full of a time of transition, you may feel lost because of children going off to college, you are retiring, divorced, lost of a love one, but you can get back up and move forward. I help those who think midlife is a time of crisis to see it as a time of opportunity.

I also assist individuals in developing a plan to move their desires from a dream to reality. SMTC strongly believes that life is not over until you take your last breath. Let me help you reach a stage of illumination so you can move forward and enjoy life. Visit my website to learn more about SMTC or give me a call so we can start you on a new journey.


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