Many people have taken StrengthsFinder, and then put it on a shelf, never to look at it again–saying: “This is great, but what do I DO with this information?”

Strengths Strategy, the leading strengths application organization in the world, answers that question. It takes individual coaches and/or organizations through a structured, analytical process which:
• Changes how individuals interact with each other, and builds relationships with clients.
• Builds your business—increases customer loyalty by as much as 45%.
• Saves time, energy, and money spent inefficiently with people not making best use of their time and strengths.
• Creates the fastest path to sustainable, high performance when you leverage these skills, tools, and strategies.

Strengths Strategy has three tracks:
1. Strengths Strategy Coach Certification. If you’re an experienced coach or embarking on your coaching career, we provide new, unique tools and advanced approaches that will make you distinctive and simply more effective with clients. This program has been called the “graduate program” of strengths, where coaches learn how to coach from Interdependence, and to help clients experience explosive, positive change, through the application of strengths in their lives. This exciting program extends beyond the certification into an ongoing sustainable learning community where coaches leverage their strengths to work together on their business development endeavors. See:
2. Organizational Transformation. Strengths Strategy helps organizations accelerate employee-driven engagement and talent development through the strategic application of strengths. See:
3. Motivational programs. Strengths Strategy has top-notch keynote speakers that will inspire audiences everywhere. See


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