“We coach to empower clients; to uncover & engage strengths for personal, professional, & organizational development.”

What are your dreams?

If you faced no limits, what would you do tomorrow? Surprisingly, the biggest limitation most of us encounter meets us in the mirror. Try naming your limitations: fear, apathy, commitment, time, perseverance, distraction. Whatever your limits, we have the answer – come visit the well.

For centuries, the well has represented a gathering place for communities. Even today, many across the globe will gather at a well: to collect water, catch up on news, deepen relationships, & managing conflicts.

And research repeated tells us that healthy people spend time at their own metaphorical wells – stepping back from the bustle of daily life to engage community: inviting conversations, deepening relationships, improving communication, and managing conflict.
Our dream is right here: a community that can encourage others toward healthier, freer lives.

We are on the journey too – still learning, still growing. We’ve spent decades working with folks just like, teaching and coaching them toward a flourishing life – what ancient philosophers called eudaimonia. If your looking for a healthier, happier life – rich with meaning, igniting your passions – then you’re in the right place.

Hang around and learn the practical ways we’ve been helping clients move toward their dreams. Discover and engage your strengths. Learn how you are wired. Hone your vision. Explore and apply healthy habits that make sense for you. We coach for transformed lives – not bandaids. The road is never easy, but it is worthwhile.

Ready to start the journey? Check out our strengths primer for free, join the community, and tell us how we can help.

Aaron & theWELLgroup Team


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