Christina “Tina” Mabalot
~ Your Transformational Life Coach ~

Blind, but NOT Blinded by Limitations!

One of the few – if not the only – Blind TV Show Host…

Christina was told many times to set her “sight” lower and away from TV, but she set her goals beyond what others could see, and she became a TV Show host…

– What is it that you want to accomplish but seems impossible?
– Do you have people around you doubting your vision?
– Do you need some inspiration?
– Are you ready to spread your wings and transform your dreams into reality?

Invite Christina to support you – or your group – and show you how to make the “impossible” become your everyday reality!

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker
Entertaining & Thought Provoking Presentations

Christina Llanes Mabalotis a a legitimate, living evidence of “overcoming obstacles”! Legally blind since birth, Christina embodies inspiration, courage and hope. Her philosophy: Physical sight sees obstacles; HeartSight sees opportunities.

Christina is physically blind but with a vision. Her extra sensory perception is called “Heartsight” because she can see with her heart. Her congenital condition called Aniridia and thereby legal blindness serves as a challenge more than a barrier.

She speaks from her experience of overcoming limitations that would keep others hiding. She shares concepts and ideas that can help anyone overcome real or perceived limitations. Christina believes that with your HeartSight you can go beyond your limits and live life fully and with passion…

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Get inspired, motivated, and coached into action by Christina.

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