Valina Peters is the founder of Your-Mind-Body-Soul, A “go-to” site for blogs, coaching and more. She speaks five languages fluently. Her spiritual journey has helped her greatly in getting an understanding of human behaviour and the human energy systems. She has been able to integrate this into her coaching activities to further benefit her clients.

After nearly 30 years in the branches of customer service, corporate communications, guest services she left the branch of education and airport life to adopt a slower pace in the Caribbean.

Valina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hispanic Studies, is a trained and certified Life Coach and Group Facilitator. She has spearheaded many voluntary initiatives in the community mostly in the areas of Health & Wellness.  She has acted as Secretary/Treasurer of the Dominican Spa, Health & Wellness Association, and was until recently the President of the Portsmouth Community Tourism Association.

She is also one of the Co-Founders of Quality Service Professionals, a Company providing Customer Service Training to Companies and individuals on the Island of Dominica, where she resides.

Currently Valina is mainly active as a Life, Spiritual & Relationship Coach, Group Facilitator and Massage Therapist.

You can contact Valina by clicking here.

Who does Valina cater to?

Your-Mind-Body-Soul coaching provides you with an individual coaching to suit your needs. Is overwhelm keeping you up at night? Is doubt stemming your productivity?

If you are

  • a business professional who feels burdened by your workload and sees your productivity suffering as a result
  • at a stage in life where your spirituality is becoming increasingly important but you are not sure which direction to take and are feeling lost and alone
  • in a relationship which is not going as you wish and you are looking for ways to save it

you are at the right place.

Your coaching needs are at the core of our work together. My method is to provide you with the support you need to quickly identify the areas we need to work on, create a tailor fitted plan and then to immediately implement the steps we have agreed on. With my method you can begin to see results right away.

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