Change has been constant in my life.
I know first-hand what it means to live abroad – in 5 countries and from 4 different perspectives: student, professional, housewife and entrepreneur! And it was only after a couple of years of leaving my country that I understood that it’s actually within change where the most transforming opportunities are, and that these appear only once we are ready to see them…

I’m a Personal and Professional Coach and I work especially with people who live (or have lived) in a different country than their own, guiding them so they can become fearless citizens of the world.

My ideal clients are:

  • Motivated and honest individuals who are willing to expand their comfort zones.
  • Corporations that want to support their employees and their families by giving them the necessary tools to have a fulfilling life abroad.  

Do you want to get the most out of your experience abroad and build the life you’ve always desired?

Do you need clarity and motivation to achieve your personal or professional goals?

Success is more about relentlessness and determination than about natural talent. Are you willing to take action?


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