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Make 2013 Your Most Profitable Year Ever!

!!! Sign up even if you can’t attend !!!

– You’ll have unlimited access to these coaching business-building recordings of each module, so you can refer back to this info whenever you need it !

Get More Clients by Next Week - 51 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches and Consultants

As a THANK YOU GIFT for investing your time to joining me on this webinar series (or listen to the recording), I’ll send you the Pdf of my soon-to-be published book “GET MORE CIENTS BY NEXT WEEK – 55 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches & Consultants”

Who should attend this training series?

If you are a coach, a consultant, or a speaker, and you need help with any of the following…

Does your website attract at least 50 to 500 (or more) visitors per day?

Do you have a solid marketing plan and marketing schedule that ensure a continuous inflow of website visitors, leads, prospects, and clients?

Does your website contain the elements that will almost literally force prospects to share their contact info?

Does your website generate at least 30 leads a day?

Do you have a strategically set up marketing funnel that will ensure a smooth transition of your leads, into prospects, into paying clients, and into life-long repeat customers?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions
, then this is a must-attend webinar training series. Not only will you learn what you need to put in place in order to have a smooth business operation, but you’ll also be able to ask all your questions you might have related to your coaching, consulting, or speaking business.

To register, simply fill in your contact info in the box at the right (top of page) and we’ll email you your call-in info before each training session. You’ll be able to view and listen to each session online, or call in by phone – your choice!

!!! Sign up even if you can’t attend – You’ll have unlimited access to the recording of each module, so you can refer back to this info whenever you need it !!!


Here’s what we’ll cover in this 3-part Coaching Business Building series:

PART 1: Thursday, December 29, 11:00 AM (EST)

How to Develop a 90-Days/360-Days Marketing Plan

How to Create a 90-Days Marketing Plan

Plus get accesses to these bonuses:

– Sample 90-Days Coaching Business Building Marketing Plan (Pdf. – Daily marketing strategy suggestions included)

– How to Select A Profitable Niche (short video & Pdf eBook)

– 7 Steps to Developing a Client-Magnet Elevator Pitch (short video & Pdf instructions w. sample elevator pitches)


PART 2: Thursday, January 5th, 2012, 11:00 AM (EST)

The 12 Elements of a Client-Attracting Website/Blog (How to create it for less than $25 in 90-minutes or less)

Module 2 - 12 Elements of a Client Attracting Website

You’ll also get access to the following bonus materials:

– Pdf copy of PowerPoints (use it as a checklist to improve your website)

– Transform your WordPress site into a power house with these Plugins… (short video tutorial)


PART 3 – Thursday, January 12th, 11:00 AM (EST)

The Irresistible Offer and the Sales Funnel – 7 Steps to Transforming Your Prospects into Clients

Module 3: The Sales Funnel - 7 Steps to Transforming Prospects into Paying Clients

In this webinar we’ll also…

– Brainstorm ideas for your Irresistible Offer

– Plan the format of your irresistible offer (video, video course, eCourse, eBook, case study, Top 10 Tips to…, etc.)

– Discuss how to set up an opt-in box


Hope to meet you on the live call… or at least “meet you” as you listen to the recording 🙂

E.G. Sebastian - Author, Speaker, Coach, Client Attraction & Retention Strategist





E.G Sebastian, CEC, CSL
Author, Speaker, Coach
Client Attraction & Retention Strategist

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