Bushido Business, by Brian Tracy, Steven M.R. Covey, E.G. Sebastian (et al)

Bushido Business
~ The Fine Art of the Modern Professional ~


Bushido Business, By Brian Tracy, Steven M.R. Covey, E.G. Sebastian (et al)As a martial artist of 20+ years, and a successful entrepreneur of more than 2 decades, I felt honored to be invited to co-author Bushido Business with Brian Tracy, Steven M.R. Covey, and several other highly respected professionals…

The term Bushido is defined by the¬†American Heritage Dictionary as “the traditional code of the Japanese samurai, stressing honor, self-discipline, bravery, and simple living.” The journeys of the entrepreneurs described in each chapter, exemplifies the spirit of Bushido – what one can accomplish when they dedicate their lives to the discipline of their choice… in the case of our authors, the “discipline” of creating a profitable and sustainable business.

Here’s the Table of Contents (and the list of Co-Authors):

Chapter One РThe Courage To Dream By Saskia Röell

Chapter two – Leadership Essentials By Stephen M. R. Covey

Chapter Three – The Power Of Belief: If Others Can Succeed, So Can I By E.G. Sebastian

Chapter Four – Success A Pathway, Not A Destination By Andrea Michaels

Chapter Five – Accomplish Your Work Enjoy Your Life By Barbara Hemphill

Chapter Six – Bushido Image By Karen Brunger

Chapter Seven -Reducing Stress: Solving The Other Energy Crisis By Susan Stewart

Chapter Eight – Strategies For Success By Brian Tracy

Chapter Nine – How Leadership Happens (Inside-Out) By Bill Bennett

Chapter Ten – How To Embody Your Big Business Vision By Jeneth blackert

Chapter Eleven – Winning Moves: Success At Every Stage Of The Game By Dr. Mike Armour

Chapter Twelve – Leaders With Four Hearts By Sylvia Becker-Hill

Chapter Thirteen – The Fine Art Of Landing Bigger Sales For Faster Growth By Tom Searcy

Chapter Fourteen – Sales Unleashed By Tom Hopkins

Chapter Fifteen – The Philosophy And Practice Of Bushido Business By Tom Tessereau

Chapter Sixteen – The Key Ingredient To Helping Others By Tony Richards

Chapter Seventeen – Your Image: The Key To Your Success By Kimberly Law

Chapter Eighteen – Bushido Financial Wellness In 3 Steps For The Modern Professional By Heather Wagenhals

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Bushido Business, By Brian Tracy, Steven M.R. Covey, E.G. Sebastian (et al)

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