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Welcome to the 100-Days Client-Attraction Challenge!

Watch this Video for a Welcome Message from E.G. Sebastian:

Week 1 /Challenge #1: Commit 2 to 4-Hours PER DAY to 100% Client-Attraction and Income Generating Activities

I call it “Stepping into the Zone” and my phone alarm alerts me daily to “Step into the Zone,” during which time I open my Marketing Planner and implement marketing activities/strategies for 2 to 3 hours per day (some days not at all, as I have back to back coaching clients to serve, or I travel for speaking engagements; but) when I’m not serving clients, I’m spending at least 2-hours on contacting people and/or connecting with people who want my services AND offer it to them.

During the “in the Zone” hours commit to…

• No checking eMail
• No checking social media
• No calling friends or answering friend/family calls
• Not getting lost in designing or creating something that is not directly client-attraction or income-generating related
• Focus 100% on activities that can get you new clients: (search for networking events, put them on your planner [NOT designing your business card during this time], plan a teleclass or webinar / set the date/ create strategy to invite 100 or 1000s of participants….;
call prospects and invite them to become clients)
We’ll cover dozens of great marketing strategies during the
100-Days challenge…
How many hours of Marketing & Client-Attraction Activities WILL YOU commit to? Post it in the comments below…

Week 1 / Challenge #2: (Why You Should) Create a Grand-Vision for Your Coaching Business

(Watch the video OR read below the video… or both 🙂 )

Create a Grand-Vision for Your Coaching Business

I believe that the most important Foundation Element of a Coaching Business is the Vision Statement .

You probably heard it many times that If You Find a Strong Enough WHY , You‘ll Find the HOW . Your Vision Statement should encompas your “WHY” – it should be so powerful that each time you see it or think about it, you should get excited to take action to move towards it.

Once you develop a Grand Vision Statement, all else flows from there:

  • you become clear on WHO you serve and WHAT you serve them
  • your headline for your website, for landing pages, and for your offers is often a tweak on some parts of your vision
  • your business slogan (or USP) that you put on your business card and other marketing materials becomes clear
  • you can build an elevator pitch easier
  • you know what content to add to your website
  • you know what to blog about, write articles, create videos
  • It all flows from your Vision Statement…

My vision, for example was (in 2003) to Help one-million families create better relationships, reduce conflict, and eliminate child abuse. (2)I will accomplish this through my Live Events, Workshop, TV Appearances, Radio Shows, Books, Videos, Personal Coaching, and Group Coaching.
(The 2nd part of my Vision Statement slides a bit on the business mission side – How exactly will I move towards my Vision )

Now… I’m cheating a bit, as I have two mission statements. The above is my #1 passion. As a child, I used to be beat up (not spanked) by my dad almost daily – and at 46 I can still remember the helplessness and terror I felt as I was beat up by the man I loved and who was supposed to love me and protect me. I’ll do my best to protect as many kids as possible from this type of terror.

With that said, I’m a “bigamist” – I’m also in love with marketing – it’s a fairly new love and new passion (started to take roots in 2011, as more and more started asking me how do I get “all those clients… and all those high paying speaking gigs…). I really enjoy helping others reach their business goals. In my mind, marketing is magical. It’s really great helping a new or struggling business and watch them become profitable because of my intervention – that’s magic 🙂 . So, my 2nd Grand Mission is to Help 100,000 coaches reach their financial goals (before 2015); I’ll accomplish this through my Webinars, Group Coaching, Personal Coaching, Membership Sites, Live Events, Home Study Courses…. —- and I truly hope that you’ll be one of my success stories – can we shoot for that? If yes, Let me know in the comments that you are committed and share with me/us your Vision Statement.

Your Challenge For This Week: Create a Grand Vision Statement

You can read below an excerpt from my book – Get More Clients by Next Week – to give you a bit more info on how to create a vision statement; as well as you’ll find some sample vision statements to help you get inspired. Basically, though, it’s pretty simple: WHAT is your dream? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPACT THE WORLD?

*** Your Vision Statement does NOT have to be realistic! It is something to strive for, but something that you probably will never attain (if you can attain it, that means you wrote a Mission Statement – Don’t limit yourself – Do Dream BIG!

Once you created it, share it with us in the comments section below. I’ll help you polish it as well as I invite others to comment and support one another so each of you can create a truly Grand Vision Statement.

Already got a Vision Statement that you are happy with? Or you created yours in a day or two…? And you are eager to take more steps towards Attracting More Clients? Hop over to and sign up for a FREE Test Drive of 100+ Lead-Generation and Client-Attraction Strategies (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED – NO OBLIGATION TO SIGN UP!); and pick ONE STRATEGY to work on this week…

Want More Info on Vision (and Mission) Statements? Read on…


Your Business Vision & Mission

Why do you want to be successful? What drives you? Is it
the money? Do you want a more comfortable life? Or is it
more…? There‘s lots of truth to the saying that “If you find a
strong enough WHY you‘ll find the HOW…”

It‘s OK to have selfish reasons – or some grand “save the
world”- type of reason – as a driving force; the key is to have
that reason so burning inside you that you‘ll do whatever it
takes to make it happen.

According to research, about 80% of all businesses fail
within the first three years after launch. The reason? Research
will tell you: bad location, poor planning, no marketing plan,
no business plan, and all types of reasons. The truth is,
however, that most of these business owners were only
engaging in marketing activities for their business that felt
comfortable, vs. doing whatever it took to succeed.

Many entrepreneurs have strong drives to succeed, but have
no direction; while others might have a vision, but miss the
drive – or the strong desire to bring that vision to life. My
experience is that those who have a worthy vision AND a
strong drive are the ones who make it happen, and ultimately

Of the two .ingredients, I‘d say that having a clear vision
is the more important one. You see, a fly trying to get out
through a closed window has a very strong drive, as well as
determination and stick-to-it-ness “I‘ll get out through this
window, no matter what!” Yet, they end up dead on the
window sill…

It‘s not a perfect comparison, but good enough to show that
a strong drive is not all we need – we need clear direction. We
need a vision that we are driven toward (not simply driven to
overcome the next obstacle or to make the next sales).

This vision can be simple and personal, such as “I will
transform my life into a work of art; I‘ll generate enough
income to live a comfortable life, while also being able to make
a difference in others‘ lives… This was my vision when I
started my first business, back in 1990, at age 23. All I wanted
was to get to a point where I can wear a suit and tie, make lots
of money, and feel that I matter. I wanted to feel “alive” and
successful… and it worked. By age 27 I was on “top of the
world,” generating $250,000+/year income. Not bad for a 27
year old; especially that my business was located in Budapest,
Hungary, where the average wage was around $3000/year.

I was making almost a 100 times more than most people
around me; and with that income, I was in the top 5% top
earners in Hungary, and considered a millionaire (in local

Of course, your vision can be more grand, such as Bill
Gates‘, whose vision was to put a computer in every home all
over the world; and that vision turned Microsoft into a mega
successful venture. Or like Coca Cola‘s vision statement
“Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that
anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs.” Notice how
both of these vision statements shoot to serve, literally, the
whole world…

You might say, “But, E.G., I‘m only‘ a coach – what type
of grand vision can I set?” If you limit your services to
providing only coaching – NO eBooks, eCourses, teleclasses,
articles, videos, etc. – you can still create a “grand” vision to
positively impact 500 or 1000 lives in the next 25 years. And
you can elaborate briefly on how you‘d like to impact those

Of course, if you‘ll provide more than coaching services,
then you can set as grand of a vision as you like; after all, if
you provide group coaching, write articles, put out youTube
videos, provide teleclasses, perhaps write a book or two,

there‘s no limit on how many people‘s lives you‘ll touch…

I always lived by the “mantra” that Less Brown professes
“Shoot for the moon – even if you miss, you‘ll end up among
the stars”. I always believed in aiming high – after all, if you
try, yes you might fail… but what if you succeed??? Besides,
if you “fail” just a little short of your high goal, you’ll still be
better off than if you never tried.

In the early 2000s I started my new coaching and speaking
business, with the vision to help at least one million individuals
improve their relationships and reduce conflict in their lives.
Through my book, Communication Skills Magic, and my
1000+ live workshops (most of them full-day or multi-day
workshops) and hundreds of tele-trainings, I‘ve made an
impact on hundreds of thousands of individuals‘ lives and still
going strong.

And, now, I have a vision to help at least 100,000
struggling coaches and consultants/speakers generate a 6-figure
income (or at least close to it) – and all this before 2015. Will
you be one of my success stories ? Are you willing to do
whatever it takes to succeed???

What drives you? What is your vision for yourself? …for
your business? What is the grand goal that you want to
accomplish? What do you want to be remembered for?
What are you willing to do to accomplish it?

Remember that a vision statement is the “WHAT” – what
do I want to accomplish in the long run? As well as it can
encompass the “WHY” – why do I want to bring that vision to
reality? In my case, I truly believe that no one should struggle
alone trying to find their way through a “dark labyrinth”. I
believe that we all have the right to be outrageously successful
and it‘s only a matter of getting the right information in the
hands of people in order to help them attain success…

All of this is part of my grand vision. It might not sound
sexy to some, but that‘s my vision. You see, at the beginning
of my entrepreneurial journey, I got to a point where I became
homeless… I looked up dozens of career advisors trying to find
answers on how to become successful, but each only tried to
give me a job. I promised myself, back then, that if I‘ll ever
make it, I‘ll create a program that will help anyone who wants
to become successful… anyone who doesn‘t want to settle for
“just a job”. My, this
[site], my blog,, my tele-training

sessions, my youTube videos on my getMoreClients account
( are all part of that
effort and are my vehicles to take me closer to my vision.

Vision Statement Vs. Mission Statement

If your Vision Statement was about a grand “world
shattering” goal – something to aspire for (but not necessarily
ever accomplish) – your Mission Statement is more grounded
and it clarifies both to you and your customers (if they get to
read it) what your business is about. However, many
companies do mix the two, and have a vision statement that
sounds like a mission statement, or vice versa.

Coca Cola is such an example (their mission statement
reads very similar to a vision statement). Their Mission
Statement reads “Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which
is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as
the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

. To refresh the world…
. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…
. To create value and make a difference.”

Here are a few sample Vision & Mission Statements from
actual coaches – notice that some are actually a combination of
both the vision and mission statement:


Purpose Life Coaching wants to enable any client to find a
clear purpose in their life, release the power within them,
reach their goals and fulfill their lifelong dreams


Purpose Life Coaching is committed to providing high
quality life coaching, to enable any client to reach a better and
more fulfilled level of life. In doing this PLC is committed in
particular to the following:

• To develop a positive process, tailor-made to suit the
agenda and the specific needs of each individual client or

• To follow a totally holistic process addressing the needs
of the whole person

• To establish an interactive relationship between coach
and client, based on the full commitment of both parties

• To endeavor to motivate and facilitate clients to achieve
their true potential and bring positive change through the
setting and achieving of self-defined goals

• To operate on the premise that all clients are creative and
resourceful with the ability and the potential to express and
define their own solutions

• To establish a partnership which challenges clients to
recognize and build on their strengths, explore their current
reality and find positive ways to make changes and move

• To be an instrument in helping every client to develop a
fresh perspective on each situation they are facing supporting
them to explore a range of options

• To maintain the highest level of integrity and unbiased
opinion on every client, regardless of their gender, ethnic,
social or religious background.

(Provided courtesy of Purpose Life Coaching –


Personal Enhancement Coaching is a national organization
dedicated to the notion that all people have the ability to live
happier and healthier lives. We work with our clients to help
them attain the next level of success, fulfillment and life
mastery. We support them by identifying and understanding
their challenges, and assisting in the discovery of alternative
solutions. We are passionately committed to guiding our clients
to use their resources within to realize their hopes and dreams.
Our aspiration is to enhance the quality of life of each person
we encounter.

(Provided courtesy of Personal Enhancement Coaching – )


To help companies, organizations, families and
individuals minimize stress, maximize success, and create
extraordinary relationships at home, at work, and in the

Provided courtesy of Ken Donaldson, the HEAD Coach –


What is Your Vision Statement? Post it Below!

It doesn’t have to be perfect or sexy… But it’s great to have it… and you can always tweak it later.

I’m looking forward to reading your Vision Statement (and, yes, you can combine it with your Mission Statement – that is, HOW will you move towards accomplishing your Vision?)


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